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Reach Millions Through Leyline Digital

At Leyline Digital, our web properties reach audiences that range in the hundreds of millions using our global network. This is done through our team of engineers and marketers who work around the clock to make Leyline Digital an industry leader and technological innovator.

There is no magic recipe for our success; it is straightforward. We emphasize using the most updated and innovative technology, providing engaging content, and delivering dynamic user experiences. These three factors make up the core of our brand’s philosophy.

Technology / Engaging Content / Dynamic User Experience

About Us

About Us

At Leyline Digital, we mobilize our web and mobile team to deliver meaningful original content that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. We also go a step further than that. Not only do we create content, but we also strive to keep communities deeply engaged as we nurture and support them by offering unique and dynamic experiences.



In this new age of media which is more competitive than ever, it is easy to make great content. One problem that most media companies often have a hard time with is knowing how to deliver that content at the right time to the right audience while offering a user-friendly experience.

You may be wondering how we do this, but it is straightforward. Users tell us the information we need to know.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The driving force behind our success is our proprietary technology. It allows us to offer comprehensive solutions that provide high impact for advertisers who are in search of options for their scalable media buys. We know that advertisers want solutions that are brand safe and do not deteriorate from the user experience.

Session Analysis

While technology is the main engine that drives our business, an engine cannot run without fuel. The fuel we use is the data we collect and update around the clock, and it only comes directly from the users. Our proprietary technology then compiles this data to display a variety of information from small micro-actions to broad trends that help advertisers create and scale the best content strategy and increase their market share.

User Data from Personalized Experiences

You might think that this information is enough since we use both split testing and advanced content data to get as much information as we can about a user. However, one thing that separates us from our competitors is that we do not stop there, but we go deeper to provide further insights, while still respecting the GDPR.

Smart Advertising

Smart Advertising

Since our approach is data-centric, Leyline Digital ensures that our highly-engaged online communities are provided with better experiences and the most relevant content; while also creating better value for money the money our advertisers spend.

Our campaign management system helps take our commitment one step further to provide digital advertising that is targeted and effective. Our system is designed to adjust bids in real time. With this feature, hundreds of articles are distributed on a various array of traffic sources at any given time.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Using the same philosophy that made us so popular with advertisers, we also provide extraordinary user experiences for all users. Our audiences value the experiences we deliver because we combine great content with our cutting-edge proprietary software. This results and experiences that our audiences enjoy and provide unparalleled opportunities for our partners and advertisers.

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